Edible Painted Bread Craft-DIY to make with kids and super Thrifty!

1 pintrestMy kids love to paint! 
Why not make a craft project with your kids using food coloring and milk ? 
My kids range from 7-17 years of age,
and they all loved making their own piece of art out of bread.
2 ingredientsSupplies:
White Bread
Clean paint brush
Food Coloring
3 foodcoloringGather 4 cups and 4 spoons-
Pour 1/8 cup of milk in each cup with 3-5 drops of food coloring; stir.
4 painted breadPaint a fun design.  DO NOT apply too much milk so that the bread is soaked. 
Apply a small amount of milk on the brush and lightly paint onto the bread. 
If too much milk is added, it is okay, it will not completely dry when toasted. 
Yet, it taste just the same.
5toasted breadToast the bread.  The toasted area will turn brown where the color is not at. 
My daughter cut out some butterflies with a cookie-cutter and painted them too.
6 butterfly


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