Emergency food rations, be prepared

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Emergency food rations, be prepared

Being prepared in case of an emergency can save your life. Emergency food rations, be prepared just in case.

Emergency food rations, be prepared

3600 calorie bars

No one wants to have to think about having an emergency where you run out of food. While these are 3600 calories per bar, you aren’t going to want to eat these daily, but in an emergency they could keep you alive. This pack contains the bars to feed one person for three days but at this price you can get them for the whole family!

  • Contains 9 pre-measured 400 calorie rations, to last one person up to three days
  • USCG approved for 5 year shelf life within its durable, air sealed Mylar packaging to ensure preservation under all climatic conditions
  • Non-thirst provoking, with a pleasant Lemon flavor. Kosher and it meets the dictates for Halal
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals exceeding the RDA requirements this product does not contain cholesterol or tropical oils
  • Withstands extreme conditions and temperatures (-22F to 149F)

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