Excellent way to be thrifty buying movie tickets

So not long ago there was a movie ticket company that we used to purchased discounted movie tickets to. It is no longer, but this company Bargain Movie Tickets has been around for almost ever. I just signed up and thought I would pass this along to you.

Bargain Movie Tickets has some great new plans out to get monthly movie tickets to the fancy (as I call them) movie theaters. Plus you can refer friends to earn more tickets each month. Now a days the movies are so expensive. Some are $15 per ticket! This way you can see those awesome movies in a theater that doesn’t have soda split on the seats and floor.

We joined this a few months back and it is great! Each month we get movie vouchers sent to our email. We simply print off our vouchers. Its good for all the new movies as well. We love to go on dates to the movies and Matt loves to take the kids on Daddy/daughter dates, and Daddy/son dates. One thing that keeps us from going is the outrageous prices! We tend to shy from the cheap theaters because our children get too dirty, if you know what I mean.

How do you do it? You do have to enter a credit card, on a monthly billing cycle. We have closely watched our statements and have never been charged for anything else. They are safe.

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There are a couple different plans to choose from now:

3 Movie tickets each month $15.99

4 Movie tickets each month $19.99

5 Movie Tickets each month $24.99

6 Movie tickets each month $29.99

You can change your subscription at any time. And on first sign up they give you one free movie ticket!

Check your email once signed up, and redeem your free ticket. They will walk you through the steps and you will pick the movie theater you will use it at. Finish the steps they show you. Print the screen where you see the image with a picture titled “Enjoy your Movie Reward” and has what looks like a Discover card logo with your name and special code on it. That is your ticket to bring in. Take that to the movies to turn in.
To cancel there is a tab on the top right of the site. You can cancel anytime. And we have never received any spam from them.

To show you that we have signed up and use this program here is one of our certificates that we printed out for a movie. Yours will look just like this – Click on image to in large and you can see my name on the bottom right, I crossed off the codes so I will still be able to use it:


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