Exclusive high value Rayovac coupon

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We have some awesome news. We have been part of Rayovac’s PowerBlogger program, and we just got word that we have an exclusive coupon to share with  our readers!
Get $2.00 off of ANY Rayovac battery.

It will expire 30 days after you download and physically print the coupon!
They are limited to 10,000 coupons so print yours now!
Click the image above to download your coupon!

Now the image shows alkaline batteries, but the fine print say ANY Rayovac battery – This is huge savings!

With summer coming and great weather there is an increase need for batteries for flashlights, lanterns, handheld video games on the road, you name it. This is such an awesome chance to get a high value coupon! And it is selective to just the few Rayovac PowerBloggers!

*** Update after printing this coupon it says  ANY package of Rayovac Batteries….but then in the TINY print half way down it says  only on rechargeable batteries.   We have put a call into Rayovac  about the conflicting wording and we hope to have an update soon.  But at this time we will need to abide by the tiny print as well and only use it on rechargeable.

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