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We have some of these books from Between the Lines. Our kids love them. This one is for experts in the coloring world. If you love coloring awesome designs then this is the book for you. Also the color pencils below is what we also use, which were actually suggested by the author after talking to her at a presentation she did.
expert coloring bookBetween the Lines: An Expert Level Coloring Book

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“Between the Lines” is not your average coloring book. With that in mind, know that it might require a different approach than you are used to or remember from the past. Just be sure to take your time with it, and enjoy the process of whatever you choose to do.

This book contains 22 pieces hand-drawn by Peter, all selected to provide a diverse coloring experience, with varying difficulties based on how you approach each piece.

Whether you use “Between the Lines” as a way to get your creative juices flowing, as a meditative activity, or just because you love coloring, you’re bound to find it a rewarding experience.


best color pencilsRoseArt Colored Pencils, Assorted Colors, 100-Count, Packaging May Vary (1055WA-4)
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  • Produces quality color
  • No wax or ink mess
  • Pre-sharpened, ready right out of the box



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