Expired Coupons help Military Family’s ~ where to send yours

My girls love to play “coupon shop” with all my expired coupons … there was a ton of them that expired recently.  BUT after they have fun sorting them we bag them up and sent them to the military families overseas to use!

Just a reminder that you can ship your expired coupons to Military Families. They can use these coupons in the over sea commissaries up to 6 months after they expire. But they need to be sent to them before they are 3 months expired. For more info on these programs:

Expired Coupons for military overseas OCPNET.org

Expired Coupons to Military overseas

Expired Coupns used in overseas Military bases
So remember each time you clean out your coupon binder to help a family overseas!
We have been matched up with a base, and these families are excited to receive these coupons.  I hope we can shower them with coupon love!!!


  1. For all my coupon moms out there. Don’t know if you guys know this or not. Jada Walling Collins tag ur peps. This helps them a lot!

  2. really omg i have so many coupons that just expired. and throw them all away :0 i will keep this in my list!!

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