Expired Coupons – Supporting Warriors of Freedom with Mine

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Ingard here, I was finally inspired enough to send my expired coupons to the overseas families by the Thrifty Mom coupon drive. Truely my hold back was my own thriftiness but I learned it was just a $4.95 expenditure, that is $1.24 per week.

This project couldn’t have been simpler.

  • I started collecting each week for a month.
  • I got two gallon baggies one I marked Food and the other Non-Food and I put the address (get that HERE) on a sticky note for later reference when shipping.
  • Each week as I purged my coupon binder I just made the two piles and instead of recycling them, I just popped them in the corresponding baggies.
  • Tuesday I went to the post office, and might I say they couldn’t have been nicer and even helped me with what I thought was a weird request. Come to find out there are several ‘regulars’ in my area – KUDOS to you ‘regulars’.
  • I was even told to STUFF the envelope as much as it could hold and all for a flat $4.95 fee.

It was quite painless and highly rewarding to know that I was helping cash strapped American families overseas who are doing their part ensuring mine and my families freedoms here on our soil.

If you want to do this too get information HERE and HERE, remember they prefer that you use the United States Post Office priority mail envelopes(ships fastest) found at the post office for as low as $4.95 for the envelope and shipping.

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