1. I have new power-operated Lift one of this getting to go about 400-lbs effectively introduction me out the exceptionally window upon stopping at the bottom. Let the lift operator identify where she floors when we change to essentials handy. By the period we got down there the remote control already had her loaded up…..  http://www.beachhouselifts.com/

  2. I am a desperate daughter who would love to win one of these chairs for my dad, he has congestive heart failure, its really a struggle for him to get out of the chair he has now. He’s gotten heavier so its broke down. I don’t have the funds to buy him one so it definitely would be a blessing. Thanks for reading my story. Angela Potts

  3. I was online and came across your post….I feel you on the assembly and it’s good to know that it is easy as 1,2,3…..good to know it is of high quality.. looking to get for my mom who has had back surgery, knee surgery and most recently fell and hurt her neck(surgery for that to come). This chair would be a life saver she has hers propped up with a stool under the foot part and cant put it down when she gets out so it is a struggle….I;m so glad I happened across your post and got to know a little more about this chair through your eyes….THANKS……

  4. Good looking chair.  My dad has always wanted one of these because of his knees.

  5. Great looking chair. Great to know that these can be purchased from mainstream companies and NOT just healthcare companies.

  6. my Grandma had a chair like this when her parkinsons got really bad.  They really are a back saver for the caretaker!

  7. How many of you would like one of these… we get to give one away later this week…

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