Extreme Couponing – Don’t cheat the system

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So with the recent excitement of couponing and the economy the way it is there has been many statements and actions made that push couponing too far. Human kind can be very kind and thoughtful, and at the same time it can become very unthoughtful, and greedy. There have always been people to abuse the system and make it very difficult for others to use. There is a site that helps couponers know which coupons are real and which ones are not. Cents-off.com is an easy to use site that shows known fraudulent coupons. They all work with law enforcement agencies to search and prosecute couponers, the fraudulent makers and users of that bad coupon.

We all need to be aware of coupons and keep a look out for the signs of a bad coupon. If we all realize that there will always be another sale and that cheating the system now does not help them or anyone in the future then we wouldn’t have to worry about bad coupons.



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