Extreme Couponing is NOT my life- Mommy Moments

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As you know each week I try to write a Mommy Moments post, where I reflect on the past week, and the moments that I will want to remember.  Last weeks post was titled “What path are you going to climb“.  I talked about how I went to BlogHer and yes it was great, and I came back motivated to make sure my family was always first.

Later that night a comment was left that said…

ATM, It does sound and has been sounding like you are no longer enjoying your blog. I have noticed that the deals are not as upto date and you are no longer on top of the latest rewards. Not to mention your post are usually days later than other blogs. Maybe its time you consider no longer doing your blog… It sad that you have time to ask us to vote for Matt but obviously you dont have time to post the latest match ups… How selfish..

I decided to ignore the comment.  But I admit it has bothered me all week.  I am glad the person who left the comment did not leave their name as I am not here to point fingers or back lash.  Instead I want to make a few points clear. This post was not meant to sound as if I did not want to blog anymore, or that I am not enjoying it, instead to say that I choose to put my family first.

What you may not know is this site is a FULL time job for me and my husband, normally 10 hours a day 7 days a week.  I try my best to schedule post, and then I work on it late into the night 7 days a week, once my kids are in bed.  Sure I am paid some for my site, and would always like to do better (hello I would like kitchen cabinets someday…lol)  But no matter how hard I try I will never be able to post all the deals, nor can any one else.

Are coupons and deals part of my life, you bet they are.  But the key word is PART of my life, my life is my FAMILY!  Everyday I have to make the choice how I spend my time, and it feels like a constant battle.  The person who left that comment called me selfish, and when it comes to which path I choose…. then yes maybe I am a little selfish.  Because I pray I will always have the courage it takes to take the path towards my family. And put them first because at the end of the day nothing else really matters more than my family.

I love my site, and through it I try to share with all of you the way I live my life, a small gimps of what living within your means can look like.  But more important I hope the message is LOUD AND CLEAR that motherhood is my life.  Raising these sweet little ones is my life, being in love with my husband after 11 years of marriage is my life, learning to be ok with who I am is my life.  I think that message is more important than any deal post.

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