Extreme Couponing- Nathan Engels on tonights show

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TLC new series Extreme Couponing is on again tonight.  I am excited to announce that my good friend Nathan Engels will be on tonights episode.  Some of you may remember he was on last seasons show.  He bought and donates over 1000 boxes of cereal, and showed his impressive stockpile.  BUT what TLC failed to show ( or cut from the taping) was the fact he ALSO donated a large portion of his stockpile ( all the toothbrushes, soap, ect.)

So this time  around  Nathan  once again showed an impressive coupon shopping trip, but showed the good you can do by giving to military families.   I look forward to watching tonights show, and hope TLC can point the spotlight on the good couponing can do for a whole community NOT just one greedy, shelf clearing shopper.

Nathan did a  little Q&A  and here is what he had to say:

1. How is this episode of TLC different from the last show you did?

I think it’s going to feature more the amazing side of giving!

2. What do you hope Extreme Couponing will do for the couponing community?

I hope that more people turn to couponing to help save money for their families!  So many people are hurting and if a show on TV can help inspire them to save money, I think that’s great!

3.  What is your number one savings tip?

Get Organized, it’s so critical to your overall savings success!

4. What store did you shop at, and do you think they like or want “extreme coupon shoppers” in their store?

I shopped at Kroger and they love us!  Kroger has been great, and I’ve spoken with managers and corporate office executives and their main concern doesn’t seem to be the coupons but being able to keep product on their shelf for everyone.

5. Do you always shop like that, or was it just for the show?

I do a toned down shopping!  I save 60-70% on my groceries.  It’s nearly impossible to save 95% every time!

6.  What was your favorite part of taping this episode?

This episode was so awesome because I got to meet some really amazing military moms.  They are amazing and inspiring people.


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