Family Reunion Craft Ideas for Kids ~ Froot Loop Necklace


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Summer picnics and family reunions are FUN, but planning activities for large groups can be overwhelming. We have made cereal necklaces since I was little (so for over 30 years) and kids still seem to think they are amazing.  Froot Loop Necklaces are low cost, kids friendly, fun activity that can easily be made in a large group.

All you need is:

Thicker or stiffer yarn or twine is easier for the kids to get into the hole so keep that in mind. This project can be done with Cheerios too. but you will need to have thinner yarn.  Give each child a piece of string, make sure it is long enough for them to put over their head once it is tied.  Give each child a bowl or cup full of cereal and let them start threading the cereal on to the string. Once done tie the two ends together  and wear as a necklace.

Family reunion ideas, kids crafts for a large group, party ideas for chrurch camp or summer picnics, popular and fun ideas for kids

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