Family Tree Canvas ~ Great DIY Gift

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Family Tree Canvas ~ Great DIY Gift

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and what mother or grandmother wouldn’t love a family tree proudly displaying her kids and grand kids?  This is a fairly easy craft, but can be a little time consuming, so make sure to leave yourself plenty of time!

You will need:

A canvas (I strongly recommend no smaller than 8×10,  That is what mine was and it was almost too small!)

MATTE Mod podge

Paint (optional)

Vinyl (can have someone cut the vinyl for you, usually fairly inexpensive, or do it yourself with my favorite craft tool of all time!)

*side note, the Silhouette I referenced above is a great price and if your mother enjoys crafting, that is also a great gift idea!

Begin by painting your canvas if you would like.  I wanted mine to be white so I didn’t paint it.  If you are going to go with this method, paint a coat of mod podge over your canvas before attempting to add the vinyl.  Trust me, it won’t stick.

I don’t have pictures of the process because I needed both hands to apply.  Sorry!  It is fairly simple though.  If you have ever applied vinyl, it is the same as always.  Begin with your tree and apply it first.  Then add the names, label and birds in whichever order you would like.  As long as your tree is on first.  Be sure to pick a thicker font then I did or you will struggle getting the small names onto your canvas.

As I mentioned, my 8×10 canvas was almost too small for the amount of names I had.  This was for my mother in law and I wanted to be sure it had all the grand kids names on it with room to add more, just in case.  I put my in-law’s names at the top of the trunk and added my husband and his siblings down the trunk.  Then I added spouses names and grand kids as close to the sibling they belonged with as possible.  I just wanted it to be somewhat easy to tell who was an individual family.  This isn’t necessary though.  It would’ve saved me time and headache had I just added the names anywhere.  I then added my birds on the branches.  I was trying for a more uniform approach to this part as well, but ended up preferring the way it looked with them applied more randomly.  The girls were in pink and the boys in blue, obviously that was just a personal preference, these can be done in any color that coordinates with their decor!

 Another great addition would be to change the design for those that have passed on.  Maybe making those birds a silver color, or adding a halo to the bird or even to the name.  I chose to keep it upbeat and just made them all the same. It would be beautiful either way!

I love that this is personal, and thrifty while still being meaningful and beautiful!

family tree canvas ~ great diy gift idea, #diy, #craft, #thriftycraftidea, #gift,#thriftygift,  #mother'sday, #thriftymothersday, #diygift,#familytree

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