Fannie May gift….$6.99 shipped

Now I agree that it is normally “more thrifty” to make a treat, or hand craft a Valentines gift.  Or use a coupon to snag a good deal.  BUT if you then have to ship it on top of that, it turns out to be rather pricey.  SO if you are looking for a gift for someone…that needs to be shipped, then here is a very Thrifty deal!  Go to  …Fannie May is offering FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING on any order usingcoupon code: 10565
They have these Rasberry Gummy Hearts for $6.99 or the Chocolate Hearts for $8.99…with FREE shipping!!

Don’t forget to to through ShopatHome (for 9% cash back…and a $5 bonus to your account if this is your first ShopatHome purchase!…that will almost pay for your order!)

Thanks She Saved!

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