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Got this email from on of my readers and thought it was worth passin along,
Dear Thrifty Mom (and Thrifty Matt),
I have been a reader/follower of your blog for a long time now and I have noticed a lot of “give back” posts.  So I am coming to you with a favor.  Two years ago our family adopted 2 Haitian children.  We still work closely with the foundation that helped us bring home our children to continue to help Haiti.  This organization helps several of the orphanages in Port au Prince that have become home to many of the orphaned children from the earthquake.  Every year we do a box drive where we encourage people to fill a box of food for the kids.  However, this year we are not getting the donations that we have seen in the past.  There are more kids that are hungry and less food donated to feed them.  I have personally seen that 100% of the food and donations goes directly to these kids.  It is such a worthy cause.  If you feel that this is something that you would want to post on your site, we would be eternally grateful.
The website to the foundation is
The website for the food and instruction on what to put in the box and where to send it is
Thank you so much, Melissa H