Finger Print Flower and Poem ~ DIY Mother’s Day Card

Finger Print Flower and Poem ~ DIY Mother’s Day Card


I was looking at some old Mother’s Day cards my kids have given me over the years and I came across this finger print flower poem.  I loved it then, and still love it now.  So my girls made a few of them yesterday for a fun after school project.

The poem reads…

I made you a flower

With my finger and my thumb

So you will have these memories

For all the years to come

Happy Mother’s Day


Free PDF Printable Here:  Mothers Day Finger print poem card

To make these all you need is a white price of card stock cut into a strip, colored paper to make the card, green marker to draw a stem, paints and some cute little fingers.

Have your child dip their finger in green paint to create the leaves.  Then dip their pointer finger in paint to create the flower petals.  I found it was easier for them to follow a circle drawn with pencil.  Attach the poem and you are done!



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  1. Watching the tutorial with my daughter Andrea, will make this for her grandma’s U0001f603

  2. My kids are,22,23,25,and I still have there gifts from when they were in preschool… Know I do it with my little nephews, talon 7and Noah 6,I enjoy watching you guys,and hope you have a great mother’s day

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