Flu Shot $20 or Tamiflu $100+ ~ You tell me which is the better deal

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If I could pick the week for my family to be sick it would NOT be this week.  But maybe we will get lucky and be healthy on Christmas.

My 7 year old daughter got very sick as week, I thought it would last a day or two… instead it lasted 8 days.  She just laid on the couch, did not want to eat or drink.  She had a high fever, body aches, horrible headache and an awful cough.   SO when my 2 youngest suddenly fell ill on Monday I realizes they may have the same thing.  I took them into the doctor to get tested for influenza. Sure enough they tested positive for this years flu (totally came early this year).  Since we caught it within the first 48 hours they can have Tamiflu which shortens the flu.  But it comes with a pretty price tag it was $100 AFTER insurance.  But I should not complain I found out my friend had to pay $200 after insurance for hers.

But is works, worth the price! They all seem to be starting to feeling better already (with just 24 hours on the meds).

They put me on it as well since everyone in my family has the flu.  Notice it comes with a warning to NOT drive or operate machinery until you become familiar with it’s effects.  Well it did not say anything about writing a blog, so I have been “operating” as normal LOL. We were scheduled to have our flu shots today… I guess we kind of missed the boat of that deal.  Flu shot is MUCH less than Tamiflu so next year we need to plan better!

Worst part is I will be missing Thanksgiving Dinner with my family, I do not want to spread our germs till I know we are better 🙁

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