Food Recipes for the 4th of July ~ Patriotic Strawberries

Thanks to Smart Spending Spot  for this money saving  recipe for patriotic strawberries!  This recipe is rather simple but makes a huge statement for the 4th!  Easy food recipes that look fancy at my favorite!

To make this recipe you will need:

  • fresh strawberries, cleaned and dried
  • white chocolate chips or discs
  • colored sugar
  • wax paper
  • baking sheet
  • glass bowl for melting

Clean and dry the strawberries. I chose to cut off the green tops, but it’s up to you.It probably would have been easier to dip if I had left them on.
Spread out on cookie sheet and put in refrigerator for 30-40 minutes, or freezer for 15-20. You want them cold so that the chocolate takes to them right away, but not frozen.
Put chocolate chips in bowl and microwave. Start at one minute, then stop every 30 seconds after that. You don’t want your chocolate to overheat and seize up on you. If it does, a few drops of milk or vegetable oil will fix it.
Dip strawberries in 2/3 of the way, leave the top third just plain red (for the red portion of your red, white and blue). Then dip the bottom third of the strawberry(or roll it) in your sugar. I had to play with this a bit. If you put the strawberry on the cookie sheet and the white chocolate is touching the paper, it will stick. You need the sugar to help it not stick. I also tried a paper plate and a small dish (with depth) for my sugar.
Place on cookie sheet until it takes/dries/hardens, whatever you want to call it. It’s really warm here today and we don’t have the ac on, so I actually stuck mine back in the freezer for ten minutes.

non stick baking sheet

Non Stick Baking Sheet  is great for this project and makes them peel off super easy!

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  1. What kind of chocolate are you using, my chocolate always seizes when I cover strawberries

  2. great idea! looks like your girls are having fun! parenting win! 🙂

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