free bread from Franz next week! (local deal)

Thanks to Cheryl for passin this along.
Franz Bakery Outlet
455 N. Benjamin in Boise
Holiday Food Drive
December 13-18th
IMG_5352 (photo of the bread I got at the Womens Celebration, so yummy)

Franz will be accepting donations of non-perishable foods during the week of December 13-18th.    For every 5 food items donated Franz will give you a free loaf of sandwich bread (whole grain white or premium white).

 Almost all of us know how to coupon wisely and purchase items for pennies!  Franz has never done this before so let’s share our loot and show them how it’s done!  Your contributions will help the smaller Idaho food banks such as St. Mary’s, St. Marks, and Operation Love Center.
(Any questions regarding donating please email

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