Free Butter at Albertsons starting 1/15 ~ UPDATE*** Deal doesn’t work

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Update****  yesterday I told you all about this great coupon for Land O’Lakes that makes the butter FREE with twice the value coupons.  Well one of my readers asked if “package” was for tubs or sticks.  Well it brought up a good point it did not exclude tubs and a tub is in fact a “package” so I assumed it would work… but I felt it was best to clarify with Land O’Lakes.   This was their answer back….

Land O’Lakes Hi Sarah, thanks for checking in about this. Any online coupons that we offer are good on the specific products that are shown. So if there is a picture of butter sticks it would be off that particular product. If it’s a coupon for the spreadable butter, it will show the tub products. Hope that helps!

Now let me just say that we always teach to pay attention to the wording NOT the photo of the coupon. As many times the coupons will show one product but say of “any” which means you can use it on any of that product line.  But since the word Package is a bit unclear I would urge you follow their recomendation and NOT use it on the tub…:(  As much as I want free butter I want to play the rules even more… so at this time it is NO-GO.

Anyone want some FREE BUTTER?

First grab this coupon for $.75 off one package of Land O Lakes Butter (zip 60051)

Next wait to use it at Albertsons because rumor is we are getting twice the value coupons this weekend for Albertsons.

Albertsons has the Land O’Lakes spreadable Butter on sale this week for $1.50 each

UPDATE**** the coupon states package and the sale  is the tubs on sale… I am not sure if there is a difference.  I will let you know what i find out. 

Thanks Coupon Connections 

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