Free French bread


Thanks to my reader Taylor for this Thrifty Tip,

Over the last couple of months I have gotten so much FREE french bread from Albertsons. At the end of a transaction, the cash register occasionally spits out a paper to do a survey which when you do it will give you a code for a FREE french bread on your next order. I have gotten probably 5-6 of these just in the last couple of months and I was going through my albies receipts and found another one at the bottom of one of the receipts. When these print out sometimes the cashier will tell you about it and sometimes they won’t so I will be checking each one of my receipts from now on, the cashier said they surveys come out randomly and that their store needs more surveys done because people don’t do them enough. The french bread is great for homemade french bread pizza, steak sandwiches and other yummy sandwiches you can think up for dinner!

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