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Canvas People

We found this cool link for a great present by converting one of your own personal photos to be printed out on a Canvas Photo. this is a real canvas with real wood interior frame backing.

We got a 8×10 canvas photo of Matt’s sister at her graduation. And we are now ordering a canvas photo of our family pictures.

The photo was normally $55 and we got it free! We could of up graded to a 11×14 for a few bucks, but decided to stick with free!

You can add cool effects, or upgrade to a frame, but still like the free idea.

We paid only$17 in shipping and handling and there is still time to get this by Christmas!

Click the link below to get yours
Get Your First Canvas on Us. Free 8×10 Canvas Print or $55 off Larger Sizes.

Barrand_110abAbove is what we just submitted to get, and below is the photo we got of our yearly family photo.

It is hard to tell in the photo bellow, it is on a wood internal frame about half an inch thick.

And it was printed onto actual photo canvas.IMG_6559


Here are the available sizes and prices

8×10 used to be  $49.99 now is FREE
11×11 used to be $63.99 now is $8.99
11×14 used to be $64.99 now is $6.99 Most Popular!
16×16 used to be $78.99 now is$23.99
16×20 used to be  $88.99 now is $13.99 Best Value!
18×24 used to be  $98.99 now is$43.99

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