Free Good Seasons



    At Albertsons

    I am asked every week how I know about catalina deals? Being that most the time they ARE NOT printed on my store ad.  Every now and then you will get a print out at the register that tells you one is going to start.  Other than that you just have to rely on word of mouth.  SO if you ever get a print out on an up coming catalina deal please make sure you pass it on!  Thanks to my friend Jenn who emailed me this Catalina info last night.

    I got a print out that a promo starts 4/10 through 5/3 for the Good Seasons dressing mixes:
    buy 2 get $.75 oyno ( on you next shopping trip) or a Catalina good to use next time
    buy 3 get $1.50 oyno
    buy  4 + get $2.50 oyno
    They are on sale for $1.00 but are part of the $10 meat promo which makes them $.60, 4 x $.60=$2.40 but get $2.50 catalina back means they are paying you $.10 to buy the mixes.  As you probably know, these are pretty versatile and can be used for a lot more than just 
    Salad dressing.

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