FREE Kraft Food is almost here

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Last week I posted about this Kraft promo that is going to start on the 7th, but I wanted to remind you all about it.  Then one of my readers sent me this message today.  So I thought I would pass it along thanks Kim,


I went to Albertsons yesterday and got so awesome deals, but after my purchase a slip printed telling me about an up coming deal that sounds like a money maker to me! It states…

Purchase $25 of participating Kraft items During Purchase dates and save $5 on a future order with coupon and get $20 via mail in rebate.

Purchase Dates:

Between 8/7 & 8/23

  • All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limited to product in stock. No cash back. Offer expires 8/23/2009.
  • KRAFT natural or shredded chunk cheese (5.8-16oz)
  • Wheat thins, triscuits, or flavor originals (7-20oz)
  • Crystal light drink mix(any variety)
  • Planters mixed nuts or cashew halves (9.25-11.50z)
  • Oscar Mayer deli fresh shaved meats (6-9oz)
  • Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner (5, 5-7.25 oz)
  • Maxwell house coffee 31.5-39oz)
  • Capri sun juice drink (10 ct)
  • Kraft cheese singles (10.7-12oz)
  • JELLO gelatin or pudding snacks (6 pk)
  • California pizza kitchen or Digiorno pizza (11.9-32.7 oz)
  • Ritz crackers (13.6- 16oz)
  • Chips Ahoy! Cookies (12- 15.25oz)
  • Oscar Mayer lunchables fun packs (9.4-12.55oz.)
  • Starbucks coffee 12oz.
  • Philadelphia cream cheese soft or whipped (8oz)
  • Oscar Mayer meat (10oz)
  • Kraft easy Mac or Velveeta cups (2.0-2.44oz)
  • Kraft mayo mayonnaise or miracle whip dressing (18oz)
  • Kraft natural slices (7-8oz)
  • Planters trail mix (4-6oz)
  • California pizza kitchen or Digiorno for one or flatbread melts (5.3-10oz)
  • Nabisco toasted chips (6-8.1oz)
  • Oscar Mayer deli creations sandwich creations complete sandwich kits (4.9-7.1oz)
  • Kraft string cheese (9-12oz)

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