FREE M&MS…local deal

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Update…M&Ms are now gone

Thanks to Karissa for passing this along,

OK so The one on the corner of 7th and 12th in Nampa…still had a shopping cart FULL of plain and Peanut CHRISTMAS m&m’s (near the beer and wine)

They are clearanced out for 94 cents with your preferred card.

I used the $1.00 off 2 from ( no longer available) and then used 2 doubler…

I only paid 12 cents in tax!

Thanks to Alli for passing this along,

Last night I found shelves full of clearance stuff at the Albertsons on Vista. It’s past the registers over by where the pet stuff is. I found 8oz Diamond chopped pecans for $1.50. I had a $.75 coupon, plus doubler. Plus, the Pillsbury refrigerated cookie dough was clearanced in a little fridge in the freezer section for $1. I had a coupon for $1! It was the last one, but it might be something to look out for in other stores. I’m not sure if you already posted these, but my last score was on Dove Hand renewal dish soap. It was also on sale for $2.29 ($1 coupon+doubler).

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