Free Oreo Cakesters with double coupons

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Thanks to Cristina for passing this along,

Just wanted to let you know that a few weeks ago ( hope you printed them)  had both $1/1 box of Oreo Cakesters .  I used 4 seperate computers and was able to get 8 coupons.

At Albertsons the Oreo Cakesters are on sale for $1.99. I used the $1/1 plus doubles in 2 seperate tranactions and paid $1.98 for 8 boxes.  6 of the boxes I got free, but since it makes $.01 owing me I used the 4th box in each transaction as a filler.

Please note that each store seems to enter double coupons a little different, my local store would have just entered the double amount as .99 cents, making the item free.  But they do not allow overages….each store seems to do this a little different.  Something to keep in mind

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