Free Phone Wallpaper ~ Personalize Your Phone

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Free Phone Wallpaper ~ Personalize Your Phone

I love having a cute wallpaper on my phone.  I am a sucker for patterns, and anything that makes my phone cute and personal.  I couldn’t resist making this wallpaper to share with you all!  Don’t have a smart phone? Don’t worry, I made it into a printable too!

To set this as your wallpaper, there are a few steps.  If you are on an I Phone while looking at this post, click the image and then take a screen shot of it.

If on the computer and wanting to save it to your phone, right click the image and save it to your computer.  Once saved, you can email it to yourself.  Open the email on your phone and save it to the device.  Easy peasy!

To save it and use it as a printable, follow the instructions above and right click on the image.  Once it is saved you should be able to open it and edit it to the size you want.  (I use Picasa for this) and then send to a photo printer.  Or print on your own computer at home.