free smoothie peelie coupon

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IMG_3421 Remember the coupon for a FREE 12 oz Fruit Smoothie or Frappe in the 7/18 Parade. Well I finally took the kids to get a free smoothie at McDonalds.  Boy were they excited normally if we get a treat,  they all have to share one…so they were tickled pink to get their own!

Here is  Thrifty Tip there is a peelie coupon for a FREE smoothie on their large drink cups.  They have a special going, all drinks are only $1.00 so you can get a Large drink and a smoothie for only $1.00……That is a pretty Thrifty Deal for a cool summer treat.

I have to say how great McDonalds was about letting me use 4 coupons all at one time… problem!  When Taco Bell did the free drink coupons they really gave me a hard time with the coupons.  So I was excited to see McDonalds be so coupon friendly!

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