Free VHS Teaching Children to Read

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Thanks to Tomorrow’s Plight for this info,

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development is offering a free video (VHS) called Teaching Children to Read, located here.

This video could come in handy for those that are teaching their children to read. I think that it could particularly be beneficial for teachers and for those that are homeschooling. Here is a description of the video from the website:

“This 20-minute video highlights the findings of the National Reading Panel, an independent panel formed by congress and led by the NICHD to evaluate evidence-based reading research in an effort to understand the best ways to teach reading. The National Reading Panel led to the Partnership for Reading, a collaborative effort by the National Institute for Literacy, the U.S. Department of Education, and the NICHD to bring the findings of evidence-based reading research to those with an interest in helping all people learn to read well. Available in VHS only. The NICHD can only provide single copies of the video at this time.”

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