Free Vista Prints Postcards, Invitations

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Need birthday cards, or invitations to a summer BBQ. How about cards for a baby shower, or wedding? Use Vista Print. We used them to get this great offer to print out 100 Postcards for free. I was wondering on how this actually worked and their quality. The cards were free, but we paid $6.99 shipping. They have a ton of options, and different ways to set it up with free templates. We chose our own, both on the front and the back. Now granted they do leave you options to upgrade for a small fee, like if you want color on the back and gloss on the back. These are the high gloss on the front that we ordered. They print on high quality durable stiff paper similar to a perfect greeting card paper. Over all this is a very well made, well printed card. No smears, no miss prints, no color fading. VERY NICE. To get your own postcards, or free business card click the logo below.

Vista Print