Freebie ALERT ~ FREE Vacation Planning DVD

Are you planning a family vacation for 2013?  Make sure you grab this FREE Vacation Planning DVD full of ideas!


  1. I read a few of the “Wordless Wednesday” posts, very touching! A friend of mine does something called “Whining Wednesday” where his kids are asked to compress any whining or complaints into one day per week. I’m not a parent yet so I wouldn’t know much. About the Disney planning DVD…do you know of any legitimate free Disney Experience vacations or sweepstakes? At, our memebrs can choose a free trip to Orlando including hotel and airfare if they win our contest,…but Disney is still expensive so we’ve been looking for a nice sponsor to provide a free giveaway package of Disney experience goodies in exchange for promotional access to our non-winner contest entries. Please email if you know anything Thrifty Mom? 🙂

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