Freebie – Get a $40 credit at Paper Coterie – Ends tomorrow Sunday 9/23

UPDATE – the $40 credit for free, ends Tomorrow Sept 23rd – this Sunday!
So Hurry and get your free $40 credit!

Paper Coterie is offering a FREE $40 credit towards any purchase (no minimum!) to all new customers with code   Welcome2012 at checkout.  Sarah and I are so into scrapbooking! One wall in our bedroom has a desk and to shelfs floor to ceiling, full of supplies. Boxes of paper, drawers full of stamps and cutters, and ribbon every where! Every card we make for each other is one we make by our self. Granted Sarah’s cards to me are much much better then mine, but I really enjoy trying to make her something unique then a cheesy card from the store.

Also our photos that we take of the kids in school on their first day, are always fun when we turn them into a scrapbook! So that is why I chose Paper Coterie’s image of the Bus Zone. It is so easy to pick out the themed paper they have to decorate a great book! They’ve got some beautiful stuff including greeting cards (check out the halloween cards!), gift tags, calendars, journals, planners and so much more!  Almost everything is customizable making this deal perfect for knocking off something on your holiday shopping list early !

 Make one now for FREE!  With this $40 credit at first sign up! Go Here to check it out!

This offer doesn’t expire until August 27, 2014!!

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