Free Carseat Canopy

Free Carseat Canopy


SUCH A GREAT DEAL Free carseat canopy promo code, just pay shipping. Makes a great baby gift

FREEBIE ALERT…. Right now you can get a free Carseat Canopy . you will need to pay  shipping. 

Free Carseat Canopy (a $ 50.00 Value) at, use Promotion Code AThriftyMom1 

 I finally ordered one myself as a  gift for my little sisters baby. My sister was SO excited for her gift.  Little Rosie seems to love it too she looked adorable in it!  The quality is AMAZING, there is no way I could have even made one for that cheap! I highly recommend them.

carseat cover discount code

Get just the top cover or Carseat Canopy normally $49.95, get it now for FREE  just pay  shipping. It is more then just a blanket, it has two straps to attach to the handle to help keep it in place. And to get it free use with coupon code: AThriftyMom1 These would make a GREAT  shower gift! 

That is right get a $49.95 item for FREE with promo code AThriftyMom1  just pay  shipping.

*Shipping Update ~  average for economy shipping is $13-$15 and preferred is $15-$18. But you can choose fedex for 35 or more in some areas, and a few options in between, but the average is $13-$15. 

OR you can get the complete 5 piece set which includes the Canopy as seen above.

And also comes with

  • Minky Slip Cover
  • Minky Head Support Pillow
  • Baby Lap Blanket with Minky Underside
  • Replacement Umbrella with Minky Lining
  • Car Seat Canopy with Minky Interior and 100% Cotton Outer
It’s normally $135 and is on sale for $79.95 and with the same coupon code: AThriftyMom1  you can get it for $29.95 and just pay the  shipping.

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  1. I actually already have one, but thank you for the heads up. I appreciate it

  2. Thank you for sharing. I have a daughter who is expecting next month so I shared the code with her.

  3. Miss Annette Christine Phillips, they say it’s Free !!! Check it out !!!

  4. Hi Sarah !!!! That’s a beautiful yard !!!! Hello from Las Vegas , Nevada !!!
    The DeVito Family

  5. Leece B. Bachman Becky Noel Frischkorn Lori Butczynski Pascual Erin Bridges

  6. Cheryl Louise Taylor-Heers will you please tag Jessica in this? It won’t let me

  7. They make great floor or outdoor blankies too if you put the patterned side down and soft side up πŸ™‚

  8. I got the the light grey zig zag one on the bottom left. Thank you my love Arlene Poole xoxo

  9. Tina Ferrario Huck, Mary Cotton, Elizabeth Moak Adam, Abbey Wand Schaible, Christine Lynn

  10. I got one for each of my twins and we paid to have their names stitched… I think total each cost $19 with the custom embroidered names. They are awesome and we get so many compliments πŸ˜‰ highly recommend

  11. I got one from them for my baby and they are really good quality! Definitely a good deal πŸ™‚

  12. I need to order one of these. I’ve been waiting until I pick my car seat out.

  13. I’ll look when I get on computer Tonya I will need a gender neutral can’t get pink lol! !!

  14. I received mine last week right before my daughter was born. I absolutely love it. Thank you for the promo code!

  15. You DO have to pay shipping and handling but a STEAL of a deal you can not even buy the double layered fabric for that price

  16. These are SO NICE for the cold weather and to keep and the germ off in cold and flu season….

  17. We have the black and grey one and my son is 7 months old we have never been out of the house without it attached to his carseat the best baby items that we got!!! Definitely worth the $13 shipping charge

  18. They are actually from China. However they are made surprisingly well and we love ours! My only regret was not giving in and buying one for our first baby. I cannot say enough about them! I love mine so much when we are done using ours I am thinking about cutting the buttons off and just using for a blanket. We love minky. We have the hot pink one.

  19. Oh Thrifty Mom, you are costing me money hahahaha car seat cover and nursing cover ordered!

  20. Yes I admit it probably only cost $6-8 to ship them but really you could not even by the fabric for the half that price…. the minky fabric along is 12-20 dollars a yard. These are made really well, double lined and worth every penny of the $12 shipping

  21. so I guess I should just buy one if the shipping is $13 dollars. That’s craziness, I mean how much can these possibly weight?

  22. It’s a good thing shipping is $13 because I think that’s all they are worth

  23. Domnika Basargin just thought you might be interested if you don’t already have one

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