Frugal Date Night Idea ~ Sonic 1/2 price Milk Shakes

Ok ladies (or men.. I know there are a few of you that read our site) listen up I have a thrifty tip…. I have found one of the keys to a happy marriage is a regular date night. Time alone, without little ones telling you they need to go potty, or smearing ketchup all over their shirt… time to remember why you fell in love.  NOW these dates do NOT have to cost much, sure go crazy every now and then… But you can also do something as simple as picking up a milkshake (or make one at home) Going on a walk, or watching the stars in the night sky (just try not to fall asleep due to lack of sleep thanks to your little ones).

Well I have a way to make that late night milk shake run a little more THRIFTY….. cause all summer long Sonic  will have 1/2 price Milk Shakes after 8 pm!  WOOT… how fun is that!  Enjoy your sweetie.. oh ya your milk shakes too!