Fruit Infuser Sports Water Bottle 28oz – with BONUS 130 fruit infused water recipes

Fruit Infuser Sports Water Bottle 28oz - with BONUS 130 friut infused water recipes28 Ounce Sports Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser (Blue)

I really struggle with drinking enough water each day. One of the easiest way I’ve found to motivate myself is to infuse my water with something to make it taste better/different. My favorites are mint, cucumber, or a good squeeze of lemon.

Fruitissimo provides fruit infusers to enhance your athletic performance the natural way with the vitamins and minerals from real fruit, vegetables, herbs and teas. Create your own favorite blends! Leak proof, shatter proof, BPA free Tritan material. Money back guarantee if not satisfied. Dishwasher safe, but we recommend washing by hand with warm water and mild dish detergent to prevent scratches or hazing from the dishwasher.
Fruit Infuser Sports Water Bottle 28oz - with BONUS 130 friut infused water recipes1

  • Increase your water intake by making it taste good naturally! Fruit infuser makes plain old water flavorful and easy to drink!
  • Use frozen fruit instead of ice to keep your water cold all day while constantly infusing the vitamins out of the water.
  • Deeper fruit infuser insert gives you longest lasting flavor. Other fruit infuser bottles have short fruit baskets so when you get to the bottom of the bottle, the water is no longer infused.
  • Remove the fruit basket if you want just a great sports water bottle that will never break. The BPA free Tritan Plastic is safe for you, safe for the environment, recyclable, and easy to clean!
  • Comes with a FREE BONUS of our favorite, collected Infusion Recipes. Recipes include infusions for weight loss, detoxing, stress reduction, strengthening immune system, and increasing metabolism.

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