Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles $.20 each at select stores starting 2/25

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I just wanted to remind you about the post cereal sale that is currently going on at Albertsons.  Starting 2/25 the catalina will print making this an even better deal.  BUT remember some store in our area got shipments of close dated product and they are selling them for  $1.00 each.  If you store happens to be one of the ones that has the $1.00 cereal you can get it for $.25 each!

Buy 5 boxes of Post Pebbles cereal =$5.00

After you pay get back a $4.00 catalina

Final price $.20 each

You can then “roll” your catalina towards another 5 cereal and pay only $1.00 and get back another $4 catlaina…. and do it again

Stores that have the $1.00 post

  • Albertsons store in Caldwell, next to the stadium
  • Albertsons store on  Fairview Ave in Meridian
  • Anyone else know of a store that has it?

Even if your store does not have the mark down you can get it for $1.19, here are the details….

Post Cereal Sale, now I know this is not the blow out price we look forward to each spring.  But if you are in need of cereal this is a great price.  I am still keeping my fingers crossed that a huge post cereal sale is on its way ( normally every spring we get it FREE)

Post Cereal $1.99 each

  • (Honey Bunches or Oats, pecan or Almond 14.5oz .  Honey Bunches of Strawberry 13oz.  Fruit or Cocoa Pebbles 11oz, Honey Comb 12.5oz and Pebbles Treats 6.2)
  • With catalina listed below you can get them for $1.19 each in groups of 5 (Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles only)

There are not any coupons that I can find that match up with this sale….BUT there is a catalina starting on 2/25-3/20 that will make this a better deal.

Catalina Alert Post Fruity or Cocoa Pebbles  Cereal 2/25-3/20

  • buy 3 get back a $2.00 catalina to use towards your next shopping trip
  • buy 4 get back a $3.00 catalina to use towards your next shopping trip
  • buy 5  get back a $4.00 catalina to use towards your next shopping trip

For the full Albertsons Match ups click here.

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