Garden Markers DIY made with Wine Corks

Garden Markers DIY, Garden ideas, DIY Craft, Garden party or Garden wedding decor ideas, easy and popular ideas

Garden Markers DIY made with Wine Corks
With spring on the horizon you may be thinking about all things garden related. Garden markers can be a great way to keep your plants organized all throughout the growing season. You can make your own garden markers at home, using just wine corks and a few other supplies. So skip the store bought, here is how you can get started crafting your own!

Supplies needed:
Wine corks
Magic Marker
Wooden stakes (even chopsticks will do)Garden Markers DIY, Garden ideas, DIY Craft, Garden party or Garden wedding decor ideas, easy and popular ideas

If you don’t have wine corks on hand, you can buy them by the bag at most craft stores. Or, have your friends save a few for you. You will need one cork for each plant you wish to mark.
1. Begin by writing the name of each plant on the wine cork. Use a permanent marker to do this. Just press firmly and start writing.
2. You may want to poke a hole in the cork prior to inserting the stick. Use a sharp object such as a screwdriver to do this. Just press and remove.
3. The chopstick or wooden stake can now be added. Just press it into the cork.Your wine cork garden markers are now ready to be used. If you wish to spray them with a clear coat before using, you can. This may help protect them against the elements. Then, press the wine cork garden marker into the soil near the plant it identifies.

How easy was that? Give this wine cork garden marker tutorial a try and get your garden looking great for less.

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