Garden Update ~ Save money, grow your own food

garden produce

 We planted a smaller garden this year… because last year we just were overwhelmed with all the veggies that needed picked everyday.  This year we cut back so we are picking every day, but able to eat most of what we pick the same day.  So photos this year are a little slim… because it tends to go in our belly before it goes on camera.  BUT here is an idea of what  a daily picking looks like.

 How is your garden doing this year?

10 thoughts on “Garden Update ~ Save money, grow your own food”

  1. Jeanette Anderson

    the squirrels stole some at least that’s what is happening in my garden

  2. Ashley Lamb

    A late start on your garden I know that’s what happened to me. Except I have a bunch of zucchini lol

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