Garden Update ~ You might be a RedNeck If…

As you know we plated our garden a few weeks ago,  but Idaho weather is crazy so we have had days in the 80’s only to have it hail 2 days later with temps in the 40’s for a day time high.  There is always a gamble in planting your garden early, praying  the frost will stay away and your plants will mature quickly for a early but long harvest in the fall.

Matt has been watching the weather like a hawk to protect his plants, he wanted to cover them last Saturday because the temperature was suppose to get down to 36 degrees.  I assured him that the garden would be fine and not to worry…. well I was WRONG.  All of our squash, watermelon, cucumbers, cantaloupe were hit by the frost and we awoke to many of our plants sad and brown.  Luckily it just got the outer leaves and I think the plants will have a set back, but be ok.

Well last night the temperature was suppose to dip down into the mid 30’s again.  Not wanting to take another chance Matt found every bucket, bin, box, tent, blanket  he could to wrap about his plants to keep the frost off at night.  I had to giggle a little bit when I looked out the window to see his handywork.  I feel like we should be part of a comedy act, You Might Be A RedNeck If….

On the bright side many of our seed are growing well, and we even have some strawberries that should be ready to pick early next week. You can read our full Garden Journey 2012, here.


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