Get ready for the Post Cereal Sale

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I told you a few weeks ago that I thought the huge post cereal sale may come this month at Albertsons.  I have had readers in several different areas all tell me the sale is suppose to start on March 17th, which is only a week away.  Here is the deal …..the Post catalina will only run the first 5 days of the sale….so you will want to plan to shop the the sale early.

Now the local store I shop at has always provided a “mountain” of cereal and I am pretty they will not run out…. But if you happen to shop at a store that does not always stock up for these big sales, you may ask them to order extra, or place a special order for you.  I do not know for sure but it sound like with sale price and catlaina you will be able buy them in groups of 5 for only .78 cents a box ( after catalina)

Now if you were lucky enough to get the Post Cereal coupons in your area, a few weeks back that will make them only .28 cents a box….and if we get double coupons with this sale…..They will be FREE.  You can get these coupons on Ebay, or other coupon sites, you may want to order them.

I just wanted to update you… should be a great sale, one that will allow you to stock up as much as you want!

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