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boyThis is a great tip to help your paper delivery person. We got this tip from one of our readers

I just wanted to bring this to your attention.  I get the 4 papers every Sunday from the local paper.  For some reason, there is a theft problem in our area.  Last weekend, two of my papers were stolen.  I called the local paper to let them know they were missing.  When I got my two missing papers on Wednesday, my carrier left me a note to let me know to call them if there was a problem with my paper.

Today, I got all four papers plus 2 additional papers from last Sunday that the local paper told them to deliver.  Since I’m honest, I called my carrier to explain what had happend and that I could put them back in the box for him to pick up tomorrow.  He also told me since there was some theft at our stop, he has had many papers stolen and was glad that I called him personally.  He told me that when people call the local paper to report a missing paper, it personally cost him money out of his paycheck.  For my situation, it cost him $4.00.  I was outraged that they would be doing this to their carriers.

Since you list on your blog to call the paper personally to report these papers missing, it is costing the carriers a lot of money.  I’m wondering if you could make people aware to contact their carrier instead so they are not penalized.  Most people are honest and shame on those who aren’t.  If you end up doing more research on this, please don’t use my name as I don’t want to get my paper carrier in trouble.  Jobs are hard to come by these days.

Thanks to our readers for passing this on.

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