Getting a good deal…and being kind

I was very sad to when I read this email from one of my readers,

I wish you would put on your website something about treating the Albertsons employees with some respect. I know that the pie deal is already a good deal even without the coupons and catalina. I was at the Meridian Albertsons and had to wait 20 min. in line while the person ahead of me argued with the cashier about not being allowed to use her coupons. She was trying to do the pie deal. She had bought 8 pies and 8 breyers icecreams. She wanted to use coupons on all items. The cashier explained that they couldn’t use the coupons on items that were already free. The Breyers icecream rings up 6.39 for the first one and then free on the next, and then later on the receipt you get $12.78 back, so that is why the cashier said you could use the Breyers coupon still. She also made a big deal that she knows that she can do this because of athriftymom and the cashier was wrong. She then asked for the manager. The manager explained it again, and then she said that she has always been able to do this and the manager was wrong. She wasn’t leaving the line until they fixed this. The manager again stated that she could use the 4 coupons for pie and 4 for Breyers. She finally paid, but then went to customer service demanding they give her a refund for the price of the coupons. She was very rude. I am new to this, so I don’t know everything yet. However I do believe that if people using coupons cause this much of a ruckus on a consistent basis it will become more of a problem for Albertsons to accept coupons and maybe they won’t accept coupons at all. I know if I were the cashier I would have been frustrated. There was a long line by then. Something similiar happened earlier this week, but I thought it was just the one person. I don’t know the situation on it, except for the cashier said they couldn’t accept a coupon on a item that was already free. She again demanded that she speak to the manager saying that she knew more than an employee who makes minimum wage. When I went to pay he was frazzled. Could we just show some respect? If that is the policy then that’s the policy. I don’t think you would advocate this kind of behavior. It was uncalled for. I know this is a long email, but I really feel strongly about this. I love your web site. I appreciate you helping me make my budget stretch further. I just think that we need to be respectful to the companies that are giving the deals.

If you know me personally you know that I am one of the biggest wimps when it comes to confrontation.  I do not like be treated bad, or rude so I try to apply that to the ways I treat others as well.  That is one of main reasons I have such a good relationships with my local store managers because they know “IF or When” a problem comes up I will try to handle it with a smile, and with kindness.  Yes some times you have to stand up for yourself.   There is a fine line between standing up for your rights as a couponer and being rude.  Now I am not perfect, we all have bad days  but I also know that cashiers do not need to be yelled at.

This pie and icecream promo was frustrating to me because I know that the normal policy is, yes you can use a coupon on a buy one get one free with no problem.  My store manager passed the word along that he got a letter from corporate that they will only take 2 coupons for that promo.  I did not agree with their reasoning …..I made sure to pass this info along to you. But I did not throw a fit, it was still a good deal and did not let it upset my day.  I do not always understand why they  make certain rules, but I do know Albertsons  is one of the keys to my family saving hundreds of dollars a month.

I hope my site will help you save money, teach you about coupons. But more important I hope you know that I believe in giving back, treating others with kindness, being a Mom first and that getting a good deal is important, but NOT the most important thing in life.

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