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31 day quick clean

I have been so busy that I have let a lot of things go the last few months.  Which leads me to feel overwhelmed and sad that my house is not where I would like it to be.  When I look at  the HUGE list of things I would like to get done, I don’t want to even start… so instead I am going to tackle one thing at a time and give myself a little extra time each day to get the extra chore done.  By the end of the month I should have my list completed!  Anyone want to join me on the 31 days to a clean fresh start in 2013 challenge?

Day 1 ~ Clean out my dresser and get rid of any clothes I have not worn in the last year, and donate them to charity.

Day 2 ~ Organize the refrigerator and wash all the shelves and drawers inside.

Day 3 ~ Clean the hall closet, sort shoes, coats and jackets and donate any that no longer fit.

Day 4 ~ Clean out the linen closet, match the sheet sets then fold them and store them in the matching pillow case.

Day 5 ~ Clean my desk, file cabinet and file away all the papers for 2012

Day 6 ~ Since today is Sunday and I try to keep cleaning and extra tasks to a minimum my goal today is to make a journal entry, and send out some thank you card that are past due.

Day 7 ~ Clean underneath my stove and refrigerator…been awhile  so I am sure I have some fuzzy friends waiting for the steam mop to say hello!

Day 8 ~ Wash and clean all the mirrors in the house (add a few windows if time allows)

Day 9 ~ Wash the baseboards and molding around the doors, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers make this job much easier.

Day 10 ~ Wash all the doors and door knobs, if need touch them up with paint.

Day 11 ~  Take down the curtains in the house and wash them, wash the windows they were on.