Gift Box Made From a Map ~ Free Template

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Gift Box Made From a Map ~ Free Template

Do you have a small gift to give and want to use some original way to package it? Why not use an old map from an old, outdated atlas?  Unique, thrifty and easy to make!

You will need

A map or atlas


glue stick

gift to go in the box

Begin by tearing out the page of your atlas you are going to use. If you don’t have one, you may be able to print one off online, but it won’t be double sided.  Another great option is to look at the thrift stores for an old atlas.   Now, you can either print the above template for the box directly on the page from your atlas (If you trim it down to 9-11 to fit in your printer) or print the template and then trace it on the map.  Either way is great!  You should end up with something that looks like this.

gift box from a map free template, #thriftygiftideas, #thriftygiftwrap, #fathersday, #easywrapping, #diy, #thriftycrafts, #thriftycraftideas

The dotted lines on the pattern mean you are going to fold there, do not cut! I have already folded them in the photo above.  On the triangles that come out in each corner, you will need to use your glue stick and get them to stick to the rectangle next to them, forming a box shape.

The smaller one is your lid, place it on top and you have your wrapping all ready!  Perfect for Father’s day, birthdays, any occasion really!  These aren’t very big as they are just gut out of a regular sheet of paper, but perfect for something small like cuff links, a money clip, tie pin, or something similar.

How great would it be to make these out of a map from a place that is important to the person receiving the gift?  Maybe the place they were born, or married.  What a simple way to show your love!

gift box from a map free template, #thriftygiftideas, #thriftygiftwrap, #fathersday, #diy, #thriftycrafts, #easywrapping, #thriftycraftideas


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