Gift of “Nothing”~ Christmas Gag Gift

Gift of nothing~ Christmas gag gift, #Christmas, #gaggift, #joke, #gift, #thriftygifts, #thriftyChristmas

Gift of “Nothing”~ Christmas Gag Gift

I don’t know about you, but my husband is impossible to shop for!  Every year when I ask what he wants it is the same answer.  “Nothing.”  The worst part is that he is serious!  It is like trying to pull teeth to get ideas from him!  Granted, I can usually come up with something that he will like or needs, but 12 years of “nothing” he has earned a little good natured  pay back!  This year I am going to make him think he is actually getting nothing!  I am sure it will be a let down, because I doubt I will get a reaction out of him.  More then likely he will probably thank me for finally listening! 😉  My husband is fun loving and silly so I know there will be no hard feelings.  If you can’t say the same about the person you want to pull this off on, it may not be a good idea!  It is Christmas after all.

I think we all have that someone on our list that always tells us “nothing”.  And whether they really mean it or just don’t want us to spend the money on them, it is time for us to get them what they ask for! *Disclaimer: I would really not recommend you not get your spouse or loved one “nothing” unless you are looking forward to a Christmas full of awkward silence and possibly sleeping on the sofa.

So here is a nice note, feel free to copy it for your own use!  I forgot to save it other then the photo I took of it, but if you were to open it in a free photo program (like Picasa or PicMonkey) you should be able to crop it and cut it out.  Sorry!

I am going to wrap mine up with a few rocks to really throw him off.  The key to making this work is making sure that any sign of other gifts is hidden.  You don’t want to leave the real gift under the tree.  Maybe even wait a while to give them the real thing (if you can pull it off that long!).

Good luck pulling off this Christmas prank!

Gift of nothing~ Christmas gag gift, #Christmas,#gift,  #gaggift, #joke, #thriftygifts, #thriftyChristmas


  1. My husband says this all the time. We gave him a jar of nothing! Had a little note on it saying we asked you want you wanted and we have just what you asked for. Except this jar of nothing and love it that much more!
    This year I asked him what he wanted or if he would like for me to refill his jar! Lol

  2. I never do. My hubby has not one time ever given me a gift for Christmas. He did on one Valentine’s day but that’s it. No birthdays either. It is what it is.

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