Glitter Christmas Ornament~ DIY Gift Idea

Glitter Christmas Ornament, #easy, #diy, #glitter, #christmas ornament, #gift idea

Glitter Christmas Ornament~ DIY Gift Idea

Here is a beautiful ornament that can be personalized any way you want it.  Change the glitter color, add multiple colors of glitter.  Maybe add some vinyl to the outside with a name or date.  Great gift for teachers, friends, or just hang them on your own tree!

You will need:

Extra fine glitter (can find at most craft stores)

Pump hairspray with a removable lid

Glass, clear ornament

Cup that is the right size for your ornament to be able to rest on the rim

Ribbon for top *optional*

glitter Christmas ornament, #diy, #christmas, #glitter, #ornament, #giftidea

Begin by taking the top off of your ornament.  Pour a small amount of your hairspray into the ornament.  Roll it around so that the inside is all covered.  Pour the extra back into the bottle, and then rest the ornament upside down on your cup to allow any extra hairspray to collect in the cup.

glitter Christmas ornament, #easy, #diy, #glitter, #christmas #giftidea

Give it just a minute before adding your glitter.  Now do the same thing, swirl the ornament to allow the glitter to stick to the hairspray.  Once you have pretty good coverage, set the ornament upside down on your cup again, allowing the cup to catch any extra glitter and also to dry.

Once it is dry, you may put the top back on.  Do it gently so that it doesn’t rub off your glitter.  Add a pretty ribbon to the top, put vinyl on the outside, wrap in a pretty package and there you are with a nice, personal gift!

glitter Christmas ornament, #easy, #diy, #glitter, #christmas ornament, #giftidea, #ornament

9 thoughts on “Glitter Christmas Ornament~ DIY Gift Idea”

  1. Tami Sharp Smith

    In the craft section at Walmart they have a pkg of 12 of the size I got for under $4. I bought them a few weeks ago

  2. Angela Johnson

    they have them for 88 cents at our walmart. Or a pack of 4-6 for 3.98

  3. Melanie Berrios

    Michaels currently has the packs of 4-6 ornaments for half off. They’re regularly $6 or so, so I got 2 packs for $5.50

  4. Maryhelen Evans Freeman

    I saw them at Michaels, but they were $1 a piece. WalMart had them for $4 for 6 I think…Might have to check on Friday for some awesome deals.

  5. A Thrifty Mom

    Tami made these…. I am not sure where she got them. But I have always picked them up at JoAnns craft store

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