Go Big on Holiday Gifts without Going Broke

With the holiday shopping season just beginning, everyone is looking for incredible gifts for family & friends while staying within budget. At Yaysave.com you can go big on holiday gifts without going broke – fine jewelry as low as $10 and designer accessories up to 90% off!


So, how does it work? At YaySave.com each item is only available for a limited time, usually 2-4 days, and there is a minimum and maximum that can be sold of any one item. If you see something you like, you click “Join Group.” Once the minimum number of people has joined the group, the “Deal’s On,” and your item will be shipped. If the deal expires without making the minimum, the deal is off, and you won’t be charged.

You also have the option to share your deal using Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Recruiting others is a great way to make sure that your deal goes through. The more YaySave members there are, the more deals can be made, and the more money you can save.

This week (through November 18 @ 11:59pm) YaySave is offering 300 Swag Bucks to anyone that joins a deal that isn’t complete, yet, i.e. if the minimum group is 10, the first 10 people win.


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