Graduation Cap Pops ~ Graduation Treats, Simple DIY treat ideas

graduation pops It is that time of year again… Graduation time!  Lots of parties and memories to be made!  If you are looking for a festive fun little treat to bring the party, take a peek at these Graduation Hat Pops. They are quick and easy and lets face it CUTE as can be.  Plus you can make them in lots of colors to make them fit your school colors.

graduation pops

To make these you will need:

  • Mini M&Ms
  • Mini Reeses (come in a bag in the candy bar section of the store)
  • Mini Hershey’s plain chocolate bars (came in an 8 pack in the candy section)
  • Air Head Extremes
  • Sucker sticks

graduation pops2

Start by  unwrapping you mini chocolate bars and cutting them into 2 squares.  You will have one skinny piece left over save that to melt for putting them together.  You do not need them all so if you need a chocolate fix go ahead and eat one 🙂


 Take the skinny piece of chocolate left over and melt it so you can use it as “glue” to put your caps together.  I put mine in a glass bowl for 3o seconds, they do not look melted but once you touch it, it is soft and melted.  Gently twist the sticking into the wide end of the reeses mini.  Then dip the skinny end in chocolate and “glue” it to the bottom of the square piece of chocolate.  You will want to make sure you stick it to the side with words, so the smooth side will be the top of your cap.

graduation pops

If you are in a hurry put them in the freezer to harden the chocolate, I just let them set a few hours then came back to finish after the chocolate had set.

graduation pops1

Use scissors to cut the air heads into thin sections, attach them with melted chocolate to the top of the cap.  Top it off with a mini M&M.  I made a stand to hold mine out of scrapbook paper and a styrofoam block.

graduation pops3

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Marta Morrow

My daughter made these for a friends graduation, they turned out out really cute!

Debbie Hatch

Where is auto correct. That should say expensive.

Debbie Hatch

Great idea and not too expencive.


I love this idea so much. Thank you for making such a creative way for a graduation dessert. Hopefully for my graduation party this year I will be using this and buying the chocolate, candy to make it! I pray my party will be nice and fun lol.

Alex Marx

Convocation day usually comes in student life and celebrating it with  these GRADUATION CAP POPS and by wearing awesome academic outfits of Les Laureats ( ) in a very nice option.

A Thrifty Mom

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Sue Satterthwaite Rice

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