Great Deal on All You magazine….and help out a Girl Scout too.

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One of my readers Angie sent this to me,

I have a good deal on All You Magazine for you. All You magazine always has TONS of coupons in it & I love it! Check out their websitehere.
My daughter is in Girl Scouts & they are selling magazines. They have All You magazine for $10 for 8 issues ($1.25 an issue) or $20 for 18 issues Plus you get the Look Your Best, Feel Your Best Special Issue FREE (only $1.11 an issue + the free issue)!
The cheapest I could find this anywhere else was a 2 year subscription for $34 ($1.42 an issue)on Amazon.
If you are interested Click here to contact me. with your address. I will give your address to the Girl Scouts (they do not sell or do anything else with these addresses!) & they will send you a list of available magazines & prices. You can place your order & send your money directly to the Girl Scouts.
This seems like a great deal to me, a great magazine for a super price & helping out the Girl Scouts! I am going to renew my subscription.

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