Gremlins ~ Do you remember these FREAKY little guys

Am I the only one that could NO LONGER go to the bathroom in the dark as a child… thanks to the movie Gremlins. Thou Gizmo and his BRIGHT LIGHT BRIGHT LIGHT was cute as can be the others game me nightmares.  I wonder what I would think of the movie as an adult… as a little kids it FREAKED me out LOL.  But I thought it might be a fun gift for my lovely brothers for Christmas since they were the ones that made me watch it in the first place.

Gremlins (Special Edition) $7.99 (was $14.98) ships free with a $25 order

Neca Toys Plush Figures – Gremlins – GIZMO  $12.98 (shipped FREE with a $25 order)


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